Pet Spam 8/8: Lil’ Bestation in the middle of a meal. (Age 7 months)

Pet Spam 7/8: Lady Baby pretending to be a treehugger on her driftwood. (Age approximated almost 3 years)

Pet Spam 6/8: Ben with aspen hat. (Age almost 2 years)

Pet Spam 5/8: Subadult Elvira blushing beautifully. (Age 10 months)

Pet Spam 4/8: Timid Violet being stirred from her lair. (Age almost 2 years)

Pet Spam 3/8: Zombie perched on his driftwood. (Age 4 years)

Pet Spam 2/8: Unamused Lily with her new tabby food bowl. (Age 2 years)

Pet Spam 1/8: Camera-shy Kuma sunbathing on the balcony. (Age 9 years)

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